Here are the recommended PIAC neighborhood improvements for 6th District

PIAC funding recommendations require approval by the entire city council, but district funding recommendations are seldom changed.

South KC Perspective

By John Sharp

John Sharp

Funding for nearly $4.9 million in neighborhood capital improvement projects in the 6th City Council District that currently covers much of south Kansas City for the city’s next fiscal year starting May 1 has been recommended by the 6th District representatives on the city’s Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) with the concurrence of 6th District City Council members Andrea Bough and Mayor Pro Tem Kevin McManus.

I serve on PIAC as the representative of McManus, and Melanie Miller is Bough’s appointee.

PIAC funding recommendations require approval by the entire city council as part of its annual budget approval process, but district funding recommendations are seldom changed.

The great majority of 6th District projects recommended for funding involve improvements at city parks, street & bridge improvements and reconstruction of sidewalks and related public improvements such as curbs & gutters and driveway approaches.

Following is a listing of the major recommended projects that each are estimated to cost over $200,000.  A total of 13 less costly projects also were recommended. 


  • $442,000 is recommended to greatly expand the playground at Holmes Park to serve children of all ages and to repair its safety surfacing,
  • $379,000 is recommended to construct six pickleball courts at Minor Park,
  • $315,000 is recommended to replace the gravel walking trail with a concrete trail by The Bay Water Park on Longview Rd. 
  • $270,000 is recommended for urgent repairs and renovation of the Hillcrest Community Center at Jerry Darter Park.

Street and Bridge Improvements

  • $500,000 for land acquisition and construction easements for improving Holmes Rd. from Blue Ridge Blvd. to 137th St. and improving 135th St. just east of Holmes
  • $350,000 for land acquisition and construction easements to replace the crumbling Raytown Rd. bridge over Lumpkin’s Fork near Longview Lake.
  •  $60,000 for four speed tables on Inverness St., Blue Ridge Blvd. to 135th St., and two speed tables on 132nd St., Inverness St. to 132nd Ter.


  • $580,000 for both sides of W. 70th Ter. from Edgevale Rd. to Valley Rd.,
  • $383,000 for both sides of McGee from Meyer Blvd. to E. 65th St.,
  • $377,000 for the north side of W. 63rd St. from Wornall Rd. to Brookside Blvd. or further east toward Main St. if funds are sufficient,
  • $261,000 for the east side of Cherry St. from 12931 to 12955 Cherry.

Reconstruction of Curbs

  • $210,000 for both sides of Summit St. from 60th Ter. to Huntington Rd.

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