The Classic Cookie will be offering fresh-made danishes, hand pies, a variety of breads, baklava, small cakes, muffins and, of course, cookies.

The Rise of the Bakeries: The Classic Cookie find new owners

By Kady Weddle

Photos vis The Classic Cookie

Originally opened on the Plaza in 1985, this local café and bakery has been a small but strong mainstay in Waldo since 1988. After a brief shutdown, the Classic Cookie in Waldo is back with new owners. 

Bryan Sparks along with fiancé and co-owner Hailey Allen have purchased and reinvented the Classic Cookie space, opening anew on December 29th of last year.

Having history with the Classic Cookie, Sparks’ first experience in a professional kitchen included visiting with his mother as a young boy, who was employed there as a waitress. More than 23 years later Sparks now owns the name.

The Classic Cookie Owner Bryan Sparks with fiancé and co-owner Hailey Allen

“I think it’s fair to say the space hadn’t seen a face lift in at least a few years,” said Sparks. “it’s been a humbling experience trying to refresh the space while not losing its identity. The remodel started out small, but as most remodels go, it quickly expanded into almost a full gutting of the dining room. We are aiming to be lighter, brighter and fresher while still making it feel cozy.”

Simplifying the menu with elevated ingredients, the entire transformation took place in under six weeks. The current menu includes breakfast and lunch, kid’s meals, a full coffee bar, all sorts of bakery items and, of course, cookies!

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“The inspiration was making sure that Kansas City kept this hidden gem, and it didn’t fall by the wayside,” said Sparks. “Everyone that I know and have talked to seems to have ‘2 degrees of separation’ from this place. Anytime something can be saved, I think it should be.”

Sparks and Allen also own and operate a company call Full Circle Hospitably that now utilizes The Classic Cookie kitchen to benefit the other businesses under its umbrella as well. 

The Classic Cookie is located at 409 W. Gregory Blvd and is open Wednesday-Friday from 7am-2pm, Saturday-Sunday until 3pm. For information on catering or to order online, visit


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