Drew Six to perform at Martin City’s Whiskey Run 5K

“I feel like people need to hear positive messages right now and music is one of the things that bring people together when we’re far too split.”

By Kady Weddle

Encompassing several musical genres, singer and artist Drew Six has a sound he calls “Heartland Rock.” Growing up listening to Motown and ‘old’ country music in Lee’s Summit, Six developed a love of rock and roll as he grew older, creating a new sound reminiscent of John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen.

“I’m one of those fortunate people who knew what they wanted to do from the very beginning,” said Six. “I knew I wanted to be a rock star.”

Six has already made his mark opening for notable acts such as Backstreet Boys, Darius Rucker, and Gary Allen. He’s sung alongside Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame member, Gary Burr, award-winning songwriter Georgia Middleman, famed Whiskey Jam, and performed on the main stage at Country Stampede with Big & Rich and Thomas Rhett.

“The stage is where I’m, by far, the most comfortable,” said Six. “It’s one of those things where it’s in your blood. That’s who you are.”

Drew Six will take the stage early Sunday morning at the Whiskey Run 5K in Martin City. The event, which is mainly geared toward racers and walkers, is also open to music fans who just want to hear the music. Drew Six performs at 8:30 am at the race starting line,  200 E 135 St., and then moves to Martin City Brewing Company to perform during the post-race breakfast there.

COVID saw Six performing more private events, however, once back on stage he was right at home. 

“As an artist it takes a long time to find yourself,” said Six. “You find out the fans you want to reach and it’s your responsibility to know what type of people you want to attract. If you put negative energy out, that’s what you get back.”

While Six now splits his time between Nashville and Kansas City, he has maintained a close connection with his hometown. Currently residing in the Kansas City area with his wife Miki Jarrett, Six spends most of his day with his 3-year-old daughter Josephine and is a country rocker by night.

Drew and his daughter Josie. Photo Facebook.

“I spend a lot of time with her {Josephine} by choice,” said Six. “I’ll never get this time back with her.”

He even draws her daily pictures with positive messages to put in her lunchbox each day she goes to daycare.

“I’ve always been around that visual art element,” said six. “But in school I realized a guitar in my hand was a lot cooler than a pencil.”

Through his adolescent years, Six’s mother was an artist at Hallmark – leading him to explore his artistic talents early on. Six began his career as an artist by drawing and painting until he realized his musical passion.

“The biggest gift for me at this point in my life is the connection to people from all walks of life that I probably would have never met or had any sort of relationship with,” concluded Six. “Music just connects people.”

Positivity is a driving force in the Six family. Heavily involved in multiple charities, Six even writes songs for the causes he’s passionate about, and was named one of KC Magazine’s “100 people that have changed life in Kansas City forever.” 

“It’s always one of the most gratifying things I get to do as an artist,” said Six. “As artists we ultimately want to touch people and make a difference.”

Six was also honored with the “Quest For Kindness” award for his work with Variety Children’s Charity. 

“It’s become a big part of my brand,” continued Six. “I feel like people need to hear positive messages right now and music is one of the things that bring people together when we’re far too split.”

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