A soothing atmosphere with dimmed lights, candles and silence accompanies the meditative experience of walking a prayer labyrinth at First Baptist Church. Photo by Kathy Feist

Indoor Labyrinth returns to First Baptist Church

Participants come and go at their leisure. “There is no ‘program’ as such.”

Walking a labyrinth can lead to a sense of inner reflection and stress reduction, according to experts.

Those in south Kansas City who would like to experience a silent indoor Labyrinth Walk can do so every first Saturday of the month at the First Baptist Church of Kansas City located at Red Bridge Rd and Wornall. The labyrinth is set up inside the Fellowship Hall from 3 to 5 pm starting Saturday, April 2nd.  

Participants come and go at their leisure. “There is no ‘program’ as such,” reminds Pastor Stephen Jones. “In fact, no speaking unless someone desires a brief orientation.” Jones believes this is the only indoor labyrinth walk open to the public in the metro area.

Many people of all faiths enjoy walking a labyrinth.. The history of labyrinths goes back to the Middle Ages of the church in Europe and are a predecessor of many spiritual pilgrimages that remain popular in many places around the world.

“A labyrinth requires trust, that if you simply follow the circular path, you will end up in the center of the labyrinth, and then as you leave, that you will arrive at the exit,” explains Pastor Jones.  The labyrinth at First Baptist Church is a large canvas cloth that nearly fills half of the large hall.

 Participants should enter through the blue canopy north entrance to the church and take the elevator to the lower level.  

For more information, visit fbckcmo.net or call 816/942-1866.  First Baptist Church is located at the corner of Wornall Road and Red Bridge Road.  The Labyrinth Walk is free.

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