Holmeswood Baptist Church, 9700 Holmes Rd. will reveal its remodeled sanctuary on Palm Sunday.

Holmeswood Baptist Church to debut $1.4 million renovation Sunday

Councilwoman Andrea Bough will offer some brief words of encouragement and celebration.

Holmeswood Baptist Church is finishing a $1.4 million renovation to its Sanctuary and surrounding areas. The new Sanctuary will be revealed on Palm Sunday, April 10 at 10:15 am, which will also be a return for the congregation. The renovation began in September 2021.   

According to Rev. David McDaniel, the newly renovated space is intentionally designed to lean more into inclusivity and offer a welcoming, sacred space. 

A volunteer worker gives a wall a fresh coat of paint at Holmeswood Baptist Church. Photo by Kathy Feist

Some highlights include a ramp that flows through the front steps of the platform, gender inclusive restroom and spaces in the Sanctuary for young children to engage in age-appropriate worship.

A major structural change is the removal of walls at the entrance to create a “Gathering Space.” Walls behind the Sanctuary are being replaced with glass walls and doors so that people in the “Gathering Space” can still participate in worship. 

SFS Architecture and Straub Construction are overseeing the project. 

Two significant pieces of commissioned artwork will be installed as well as commissioned pieces of furniture for the altar and pulpit. 

On Palm Sunday, the congregation and community will line the hallway of the church and walk into the Gathering Space and then the Sanctuary for the first time. Councilwoman Andrea Bough will offer some brief words of encouragement and celebration. Rev. McDaniel’s sermon title for the day is “We Have A New Song to Sing”.

After the service, people are invited to walk around the space in a manner similar to an open house. Lunch catered by Chris Cakes will follow. 

Holmeswood Baptist Church, 9700 Holmes Rd., was founded in 1955. 


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