Dr. Richardson and Nan Noback celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary at Kingswood Senior Living Center. Photo by Sue Loudon

Dr. Richardson and Nan Noback celebrate 75 years together

75th Anniversary Celebration at Kingswood

By Sue Loudon

Dr. Richardson (Dick) and Nan Noback celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on April 5 at Kingswood Senior Living Community, 10000 Wornall Rd.

Dr. Richardson Noback

Kansas City is lucky Dr. Noback and his wife, Nan, came here in 1964 to help organize the Health Science Center on Hospital Hill. He was in charge of the five-year instruction plan, which included a new UMKC School of Medicine. In the 1970s he was selected acting dean, and later dean, of the school. The Health Science Center is now a single, walkable campus shared by Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Health Services, and Pharmacy schools. 

The Nobacks came from Lexington, Kentucky, where he had been teaching at a similar health science center. Before that he served as an Army medic and studied medicine at Cornell University in New York where Nan was studying to be a nurse.

“We met on a triple blind date, laughed Dr. Noback, who is now 99 years old. Nan is 98.

They were married in 1947. Nan worked as a nurse while Dr. Noback finished his medical studies. They had three children, two boys and a girl. Both sons are medical doctors and their daughter is a physical chemist. 

Their oldest son, Carl, organized family photos and presented a teleconference for his parents and their friends at the Kingswood anniversary party. Ruben Pascottini, their friend and former pianist at EBT Restaurant, played during dinner.

Kingswood residents congratulated the couple during the April 5th celebration.

“Nan held our family together while I finished my schooling. She is the best thing that ever happened to me,” said Dr. Noback.

No wonder they have stayed married for 75 years!


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