Workers prepare a concrete bus stop pad across from Avila University, the result of a PIAC request from a nearby neighbor. (To see the finished project. Photo by Sarah Whitman

From pickle ball courts to street repair to pocket parks–here are the PIAC projects approved for south KC

In addition to PIAC funding, three large projects in south KC will receive funding from General Obligation (GO) Bonds.

By Kathy Feist

Last summer south KC residents made formal requests for improvements in their neighborhood at Public Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) hearings. The requests ranged from pickleball courts to major road repair. Within the city budget approved in March is the list of funded PIAC projects for the upcoming year. (See below for future improvements in south KC.)

In addition to PIAC funding, three large projects in south KC will receive funding from General Obligation (GO) Bonds. Holmes Rd from Blue Ridge to 137th St will get  $10,934,000.  Ward Parkway traffic signals will receive $1,325,330. And 8501 Holmes will receive $3,500,000. 

6th District PIAC Projects


  • Raytown Rd. bridge over Lumpkin’s Fork- Land acquisition & construction easements
  • Holmes Rd. improvements, Blue Ridge Blvd to 137th St. – Land acquisition & construction easements including on 135 th St. East of Holmes 

Parks and Recreation 

  • Longview Tract by The Bay Water Park-replacement of gravel trail with concrete trail 
  • Hillcrest Community Center – building renovations 
  • Minor Park- build 6 new pickleball courts 
  • Pocket park on the west side of Ward Pkwy between 69th St. & 69th Terr- landscaping 
  • Two security cameras and accessories in Sycamore Park 108th & Sycamore 
  • Ruskin Way Park upgrades – 4 picnic tables, 3 trash receptacles, 2 grills, and 4 benches 
  • Brookside Triangle Park- naturalistic open landscape 
  • Bay Water Park – ADA improvements 
  • Holmes Park Playground Upgrades – playground expansion and safety surfacing 
  • Ruskin High School Gym Floor Replacement – agreement with Ruskin High School for replacement of auxiliary gym floor for use by community groups and youth teams

Curbs/Sidewalk/Driveway Improvements 

  • Curb reconstruction along Summit Street – reconstruction of curbs between W 60th Ter and Huntington Rd both sides 
  • Replacement of sidewalk, curbs and gutters north side of 63rd between Wornall and Main 
  • Reconstruction of sidewalks, curbs and driveway approaches on both sides of  McGee, Meyer Blvd. to East 65th street 
  • Reconstruction of sidewalks, curbs and driveway approaches in front of 11008 Wyandotte St 
  • Curb replacement on north side of W 92nd Ter between Wyandotte St and Main St 
  • Reconstruction of sidewalks and curbs inside Armour Fields Home Association on both sides of W 70th Ter between Edgevale Rd and Valley Rd 
  • New Curbs/Sidewalk/Driveway approaches on east side of 12931 Cherry to 12955 Cherry St 

Street or Roadway Improvements 

  • Crossing signal at Oak and 69th Terr to assist with school crossing safety
  •  Rebuilding monuments in front of Oak Meyer Gardens – Two locations 63rd Ter. & Oak St. and 63 rd Ter. & Holmes Rd.
  •  Landscaping of traffic island –  64th Terrace and Wyoming
  • Traffic calming on Inverness – Four speed tables on Inverness St., Blue Ridge Blvd. to 135th St., & two speed tables on 132nd St., Inverness St. to 132nd Ter. – pending regulations allow 
  • Installation of security cameras along 63rd Street, Wornall Rd. to Oak St. 


5th District PIAC Projects


  • Raytown Road to I-470 – final design of project 
  • Meyer Blvd, Troost to Swope Parkway – Study and start design on project 
  • Troost Ave Bus Stop Improvement south of 59th Street 

Parks and Recreation 

  • Walking track and native plants installed at Park located between 73rd and 74th and Agnes and Bellefontaine Ave
  • Upgrade Nature Trail at 89th and James A Reed – Build trail along the south side of the creek and connect to the loop trail on the northside of the creek. Includes creek crossing. 
  • Park Entrance Markers at 90th and Elmwood and 88th and Crescent 

Drainage/Flooding Improvements

  • Drainage issue at 2909 E 63rd Street – Construct infiltration trench to collect groundwater seep and tie into existing system.

Curbs/Sidewalk/Driveway Improvements 

  • Broken sidewalks to be repaired at Pebble street cul-d-sac at East 50th street 
  • Repair sidewalks that are broken by 6308 Vernon Ct 
  • Sidewalk repair at 13623 E 50th St Reconstruction of sidewalks and drive approach

Curb repair and replacement 

  • 53rd and McCoy – new curbs on east side of McCoy St b/w E 52nd St and E 53rd St and curb repair on North side of E 53rd St between McCoy and Stanton Dr
  •  Curb and driveway replacement south side of E 79th St b/w Garfield and Brooklyn 
  • Sidewalk completion on Bannister Road on south side from Blue Ridge Blvd to Eastern Ave
  •  Sidewalk repairs on Myrtle Ave from E 67th St to E 67th Ter on the east side 
  • Sidewalk repair at 1308 E 101 St 


    • Bus lane addition in front of Hogan Prep Academy Reconstruct roadway on Agnes in front of Academy, price assumes Hogan Prep donates Right of Way 
  • (Most resurfacing was designated outside our readership area near Lee’s Summit Rd)

Other Improvements 

  • Traffic calming device at 54th and Bellefontaine Ave – Review and install contingent on neighborhood signatures for device 
  • Traffic calming at Brooklyn between Gregory and 75th – Speed humps,pending petition received 
  • Traffic calming at Troost Elementary and 49/63 Neighborhood – pending traffic study and petition 
  • Traffic calming from Woodland to Moats-  2 speed humps requested, contingent on neighborhood petition 
  • Camera install 63rd and Meyer- Installation at the vehicular ingress and egress of parking lot.
  • Installation of 6 solar radar signs View High Drive north of 470. Three major curves and a dangerous intersection at Bannister 
  • Traffic calming device at 1100 – 1400 East 66th Street (Between Troost and Paseo) pending warrant 




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