Eric Tyrell, owner of Tailored Living, demonstrates the ease of a Murphy bed, a useful item for employees working from home. Photo by Kathy Feist

Working from home creates need for efficient storage solutions

By Kathy Feist

Murphy beds have made a comeback. 

The bed that pulls out of a wall is one of the hottest trends in multipurpose space design, thanks to the growing number of home-based employees working from a spare bedroom. 

It’s one of the many innovations resulting from the pandemic.

Eric Tyrell, a local contractor specializing in whole home organization and storage, says Murphy beds are his most frequently requested installations in the Kansas City area. He operates Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage, which provides customized storage solutions for closets, garages, pantries and office space. 

Tailored Living installed a walk-in closet for a client who requested a customized black and white décor. Photo by Eric Tyrell.


One change more commonly seen in the master bedroom, even before the pandemic, is the absence of a dresser or laundry hamper. Those items have moved to the closet.

Walk-in closets these days are lined with customized drawers and shelving that replace the need for a chest of drawers, according to Tyrell. Even hampers and jewelry boxes are incorporated into the closet’s modular environment. 

The newest trend among closets in general is motion sensor lighting. For those with more sophisticated taste, and more money, soft LED sensor lighting can be incorporated within shelves, creating a soothing ambience. 

Tyrell says each closet is different, based on the customer’s needs. The quantity of shoes, tall clothes, long hangers, folded shirts and other belongings are assessed so that the environment fits the customer.  

“Instead of accommodating yourself to a closet, we customize the closet to you,” says Tyrell. 

A laundry insert keeps clutter off the floor and hidden away.


When organizing a home, he likes to start with the garage. “It’s the first thing you see when you come home and the last thing you see when you leave. A gray, grungy dusty floor and stuff shoved in a corner sets the tone,” says Tyrell.

Sometimes simply painting the garage walls is enough to brighten up the space. More often, though, a storage solution is necessary when space becomes an issue. 

While shelving serves a purpose, companies like Tailored Living can outfit the entire garage with modular units that hide items. Cabinets, closets, counter space, slat walls, swivel bike racks and even motorized lifts to access upper storage space help keep the garage tidy. Add a polished or epoxy floor and the garage is on par with the rest of the house. 

Eric Tyrell, owner of Tailored Living, demonstrates the ease of a Murphy bed, a useful item for employees working from home. Photo by Kathy Feist


In addition to creating efficient home offices, closets and garages, the customized storage industry is seeing a demand for more pantry, kitchen and bathroom storage space, both a result of bulk buying that first started during the pandemic. 


Tyrell says the most popular color for garage cabinetry is gray. In closets and pantries, however, white remains popular, but with a pop of gray or black color in the trim. In pantries, it’s white with maple colored trim.

One stop shop

 Tyrell, a remodeler with a general contractor’s license, says he prefers the specialized work that comes with owning a Tailored Living franchise. As a result of his background, his crew includes a plumber, electrician, painter and tile installer. “As a one-stop shop we can more quickly get the project knocked out and minimize any disruption,” he says. 

Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage shares a showroom with Budget Blinds at 7250 W 151 St. in Overland Park. Its warehouse is located in Martin City. 


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