The Comedy Club of Kansas City will feature such talent as Paul Rodriguez, Margaret Cho and Andrew Dice Clay.

Comedy Club of Kansas City keeps ‘em laughing this summer

“Because we have a strong reputation locally and nationally, we are able to attract some of the best in the industry.”

By Colette Panchot

The comedy scene in south Kansas City is alive and well, thanks to The Comedy Club of Kansas City. Owner Dustin Kaufman opened the club off 103rd and State Line in April 2019, and despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, he believes the local comedy scene is the healthiest it has been in the past 20 years. He offers the 40 amateur comics and their audiences at the club’s Thursday Open Mic Night as proof of this rebirth.

Kaufman got his start doing stand-up, learned the comedy business in Los Angeles, and has committed himself to building the community of comics in Kansas City and beyond.  

Dustin Kaufman opened The Comedy Club off 103rd and State Line in April 2019. File photo.

“Because we have a strong reputation locally and nationally, we are able to attract some of the best in the industry,” he says.” Some of the well-known comics on the club’s summer 2022 schedule include Margaret Cho, Andrew Dice Clay, and Bassem Youssef, who was forced into exile for his comments on the Egyptian government.  

Kaufman is glad to have top local comics perform regularly at his club, including Aaron Scarbrough, Janell Banks, Monisha Williams, Dorian DeBos, and Tristan Newell. 

The club prides itself on featuring diverse performers with opposite viewpoints. “We do want to find that happy medium so no matter who is on stage we want anyone in any given week to enjoy themselves, but comedy is not supposed to be safe,” he says.

The rising cost of food and the labor shortage is causing Kaufman to consider moving temporarily to a cookless kitchen with grab-and-go food. 

Kaufman’s two boys are 6 and 8 years old, and yes, they are funny. “They want to start working at the box office. They love hanging out at the club during off hours and talking into the mics.”

The club is located in Watts Mills Plaza, 1130 W. 103rd Street in Kansas City, Missouri. For a full 2002 show schedule, visit or call 816-326-8776.

Jonathon Kite, known for his role in the television series 2 Broke Girls performs June 2-4.

Comedy Club of Kansas City’s Summer Schedule: 

Special Events

  •  Bassem Yousef: May 26-28 
  • Jonathan Kite: June 2-4 
  • Margaret Cho: June 16-18 
  • Andrew Dice Clay: July 28-30 
  • Davi Crimmins: July 31 
  • Ron Funches: August 11-13
  • Paul Rodriguez: August 19-20
  • Michael Kosta: August 26-27 


  • Derrick Stroup: June 9-11, Mike Baldwin: June 23-25
  • Felonious Munk: July 7-9, Luis Gomez: July 14-16; Pete Lee: July 21-23
  • Dana Gould: August 4-6, Tai Fu Panda: August 25.

Thursday is Open Mic Night.

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