Workers prepare a concrete bus stop pad across from Avila University, the result of a PIAC request from a nearby neighbor. (To see the finished project. Photo by Sarah Whitman

PIAC deadline approaches for neighborhood improvement applications

By John Sharp

August 31 is the deadline for submitting applications for funding to the Public Improvements Advisory Committee for neighborhood capital improvement projects such as curbs & sidewalks, playground & other park improvements and storm drainage protection.

Persons may go to to fill out an application online and may call 816-513-1062 or email if they have any questions.

1 thought on “PIAC deadline approaches for neighborhood improvement applications

  1. I have lived at 4908 N.Manchester Ave. When first moved in, there was a big problem . It’s getting worse. I think a house in as built in a spring. And water continually flows at end of my driveway, which there’s water starting to go up the n my driveway. There is so Jan bootholes in front of my house and I have to drive thru to get into my driveway. I have called at least 1-2x a month for them to go x pothol s, which they usually respond and fill some of them. But 2 weeks later they have become potholes again, it’s not dying which becomes big pothol s again. The people drive thru the water and holes, throwing black stuff in my driveway and my yard. It’s a big mess., Not to mention gets in my shoes and car and house. In the winter it’s a sheet of ice, I just pray no one has an accident and wrecks and dies. The neighbor a few house up moved last year because he got tired of the ice and his work van got stuck in the ice pretty deep in a pothole. I pray you can please resurface the whole road and fix the neverending running water all the times and potholes all the time. Thank you for your response me. My name is Sheila Alcorn
    4908 N. Manchester Ave.
    KCMO 64119

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