Police standoff near 89th and Ward Parkway

The Kansas City Police Department reports a police standoff in the vicinity of 89th and Ward Parkway. The operation was called in regard to an aggravated assault suspect who is armed and barricaded inside of a residence.

At about 12:15, officers were dispatched to the 9000 block of Holly in regard to a disturbance with shots fired.

The previous tenant of the residence was legally evicted last week. The property owner and civil process server arrived at the residence today to take ownership of the property. As they were attempting to enter the residence the suspect fired a shot through the door.  Fortunately no one was struck.

After officers arrived and gathered information, an operation 100/stand off was initiated. Tactical officers and negotiators responded to the scene and have been actively talking with the suspect in an attempt to get him to peacefully exit the residence.

At approximately 9:25 pm, after hours of negotiation, officers entered the residence and took the suspect into custody without incident.  The investigation into the aggravated assault continues.

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