The Ruskin Lady Eagles include five seniors who maintain high academic performances. Photo by Jeanne Tucker

Ruskin Lady Eagles Volleyball connect as a winning team

“We will leave a good legacy.” 

By Jeanne Tucker

The Lady Eagles’ Head volleyball coach Dana Ostertag (better known as Coach O) must have experienced a bittersweet moment as she watched the young ladies that she had trained march down the aisle with their parents. It was Senior Night for the graduating seniors of the Ruskin Eagles Volleyball team. They were ready to move on to a bright and better future. 

However, the graduating Lady Eagles’ volleyball team members were excited. This was the first time they had an opportunity to play in the Ruskin High School gymnasium in over two years due to the pandemic. 

The captains of the Lady Eagles volleyball team are Desarae Moore and Eliana Wandick. The young ladies on the Ruskin volleyball team are to be commended for their academic performance: all have a high average GPA of 3.3. 

The graduating seniors are Ellis Cohen, Janiyah Cooper, Moore, and Wandick.

Moore shares her experience as a Lady Eagle. “I feel good that we are on track to win more games than we did last year.” 

Moore started playing volleyball in the 8th grade. She just wanted to try out, but ended up liking volleyball. So she stuck with it during her high school years. 

Moore did not sit idle during the summer months. She played club volleyball, which enabled her to work on her techniques. Her performance improved tremendously this year. She believes that by staying plugged in during the summer really enhanced her abilities. She plans to play volleyball at the college level.  

In a recent game against Grandview High School, the outcome was not as expected but the players retained their enthusiasm.. 

“We lost the first two sets. Then we came back for the last two sets. It was such a great game. We were playing confidently and we were playing with excitement,” said Moore. They played five sets and ended up losing by 4 points in the fifth set. 

The girls were playing together as a team. “We were scoring points, making our coaches happy. There are good wins and good losses.. So, yes that was a good loss,” said Moore. 

The Ruskin Lady Eagles ended up winning the game against Winnetonka that same night. 

“The volleyball season this year is going to be a great one,” says Moore. “Everybody on the team just has a connection when they play. They are being more aggressive and they are expected to get a lot of recognition for this year as the Ruskin Lady Eagles.” 

“When we score a point we just get excited,” says Moore. “We will leave a good legacy.” 

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