Get to know your State Auditor candidates

 Missouri Auditor Race

  By Don Bradley

In a time long ago, Democrats in Missouri used to run the table in November.

Once again, long ago.

Only the state auditor’s job belongs to a Democrat now and that is on the line in November when Democrat Alan Green takes on Republican Scott Fitzpatrick, currently the state treasurer. Libertarian John Hartwig, the only auditor in the race, is also on the ballot.

Current office holder Nicole Galloway announced last year she would not seek another term. The decision came after she lost the governor’s race to Parson.

Green represented Florissant, Mo., in the Missouri House for seven years from 2014 to 2021. He also served as director of the Missouri Office of Equal Opportunity. On his website, he talks about the importance of whistleblower protection, to make sure allocated dollars are used for intended purposes rather than being diverted for pet projects.

Green was unopposed in the primary.

Fitzpatrick, who defeated one challenger in August, says not being an auditor is not an issue because the auditor’s office has lots of auditors. He says he is a leader and knows his way around state government. On his website, he says he helped defund Planned Parenthood and that he opposed former Gov. Jay Nixon’s plan to provide instate tuition to undocumented immigrants.

Hartwig has never held public office and has vowed to serve only one term.


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