Rumors of giant landfill in south KC continue. Raymore demands written resolution from KCMO.

“We’re getting a lot of lip service but no action.”

By Don  Bradley

Rumors of a giant landfill in southeast Kansas City just won’t go away as the city of Raymore continues to worry about the possibility of truck traffic, stench, drainage and noise at its front door.

Kansas City has repeatedly denied any involvement, and city manager Brian David Platt recently told Raymore Mayor Kris Turnbow that the alleged site would not be appropriate for landfill use.

That sounds great to Raymore. But they would like something in writing, such as a council resolution, as assurance to developers who may get squeamish about the rumors.

“We’re getting a lot of lip service but no action,” Turnbow said this week.

Two potential buyers have already walked away from earnest money because of landfill rumors, Turnbow added.

Platt could not be reached for comment.

The map shows the potential location of the dump site along 150 Hwy between Peterson and Horridge roads. Its southern location borders Raymore’s Creekmoor subdivision. Despite the map, KCMO officials say there’s no talk of a landfill.

The issue kicked up in October when word spread about a rumored landfill on a 900-acre site between Missouri 150 Highway and 155th Street, just north of Raymore’s Creekmoor subdivision, golf course and lake.

Kansas City officials said there has been no discussion or application about a landfill project in the area. But Raymore says that Jim Bowers, an attorney specializing in land use and development, had confirmed that he was working with a developer on the project.

Bowers formerly worked for Kansas City as an assistant city attorney for building codes and development projects. Calls to Bowers and the developer were not returned.

Bowers reportedly used the term, “Flying H landfill” in talking about the project. The Flying H Ranch is a horse farm and arena within the alleged landfill area bounded by SW Peterson Road on the west and Horridege Road on the east.

The ranch owner has also denied any landfill involvement.

Turnbow said this week that Raymore would be happy to work with Kansas City on an alternate location for a landfill.

“A more remote site,” Turnbow added.

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