In July, Valerie Collins opened Thrive Hydration and Wellness Spa in Belton.

Thrive provides a new approach to health with vitamin infusions

“One day I had 13 clients for two chairs. I knew I needed to make the change.”

By Karin Thomas and Tyler Schneider

When Valerie Collins realized the word “thrive” also means to flourish, she knew she had chosen the right name for her next venture in life. After accumulating over 30 years as a registered nurse and then as a nurse practitioner, she decided to shift and use her extensive experience to help people in preventative therapy by setting up an IV vitamin drip therapy center.

Last July, Collins opened Thrive Hydration and Wellness Spa at a 1,000 square foot space in Belton. Early on, Collins had a two-seat, 110 square foot space in Lee’s Summit, but she quickly discovered that she would need to expand to meet patient demand. 

A grand opening celebration was held at the new location in Belton at 817 E North Ave.

“As I grew, one day I had 13 clients for two chairs. I knew I needed to make the change. Now I can seat ten,” Collins said. 

The clinic’s purpose is prominently displayed on a sign in her treatment room: “Our mission is to provide high quality IV nutrient therapy that will empower you to THRIVE on your journey to optimal health and wellness.” 

According to Collins, IV vitamin drip therapies began as hangover bars, which help people recover more quickly with an injection of specific vitamin and mineral blends. Eventually the wellness industry recognized the potential to address other physical issues as well. 

Two significant benefits of IV vitamin infusions over taking a pill are speed and absorption. It is estimated that supplements can only deliver about 50 to 60 percent of their contents into the body through the digestive system. Vitamins delivered through an IV, on the other hand, are absorbed at a failsafe rate of 100 percent. 

Results can be immediate. Collins recalls one client who complained of neck and shoulder pain severe enough that he could not turn his head from side-to-side. He went to Thrive looking for an injectable pain medication to bring relief. Because she does not carry medications, Collins instead suggested certain minerals known to relieve muscle tightness and within minutes he was looking right and left with ease. 

Others have benefitted from Thrive’s “Immunity infusion”, according to Collins. After years spending that latter part of each winter down with one virus or another, one client has been amazed that she has not so much as had a sniffle since getting the treatment. 

clients can lean back in the comfortable recliner and relax.

Collins took deliberate care to design a space that feels like a spa but is as functional and clean as a medical treatment room. Walls are neutral gray with white architectural tiles, instrumental music plays at a comfortable volume, and a large framed television displays continuous wildlife and nature videos. 

The aesthetic, from sights and sounds to conversation and mood, is intentionally designed to eliminate any hint of a medical “white coat” feel that could produce anxiety. Even so, if clients choose to pay attention, they would notice everything has been sanitized, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen data is collected just as in a doctor’s office, and IV equipment is standard medical fare.

Once the process is underway, clients can lean back in the comfortable recliner and nap, work on their computer, watch a show on their device, or do some reading. While they relax, the mixture of liquid vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals begin to do their work. 

IV drip treatments can be used to address a multitude of concerns, such as weight and metabolism management, pain, mood, immune system, acne, wrinkles and tired skin, energy, dehydration, brain fog, cold and flu symptoms, athletic performance and recovery, among others — and, of course, hangovers. 

Each formula used in the IVs is created in local compounding pharmacies that Collins works with directly. These pharmacies strictly follow FDA regulations, assuring her and her clients they are safe and of the highest quality.

A new addition to Thrive’s offerings is Jet Plasma Therapy. This treatment is a natural alternative to Botox and other fillers. Collins explains it as, “non invasive, non surgical and works via plasma technology by which there is no surface trauma to the skin. With results lasting between 3-5 years.” Photos on her website and in her personal collection show how well it works. 

Collins said she has been humbled by the amount of support and loyalty she has received from both new and old clients alike, and that she believes south Kansas City was the perfect choice to grow Thrive’s offerings and clientele.

“I am really amazed at how many of my regular clients actually followed me from the I-70 corridor area. I’m getting clients coming in from the Blue Springs, Excelsior Springs, and other areas. I am tapping into people in small communities where there’s nothing like this for miles. I am the closest,” Collins said. 

More information can be found at, or by calling 888-802-THRIVE (8474).


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