Silver Lining Motors. // Photo from Bill George.

Trio of new businesses set to open at 103rd & State Line

Silver Lining Motors, a Fowling Warehouse football-bowling entertainment franchise, and Exclusive Jerk restaurant coming soon at 103rd Street and State Line. 

By Tyler Schneider


Silver Lining Motors

Back in 2019, Bill George, founder of Z-Trip and son of Olathe Kia owner of the same name, purchased the vacant property at 1114 W 103rd St which had been previously occupied for nearly a century by Berbiglia Liquors.

At the time, it was expected that the business would open within the year, but the pandemic and renovation necessities slowed the process of bringing George’s Silver Lining Motors dealership to life. 

After several years of anticipation, George expects to open up shop within the next six weeks, and says he’s simply awaiting asphalt deliveries, as its production slows or even comes to a complete halt during the winter months. 

At present, George has three employees on staff ahead of the dealership’s impending grand-opening, but he says he will hire another ten after that. He expects to stock 50 vehicles “at all times,” beginning on opening day.

“It’ll be a range of newer and older vehicles, at a variety of different price ranges. We’ll have several that will make great first cars for a teenager, for example, and we also will have second-chance financing options,” George said. 

George has no doubt in Silver Lining Motor’s future success.

“It’s always a good time to sell cars,” George said. “My family has been in this business since I was born and there’s never been a month where we haven’t sold cars. The market is always going to fluctuate, but we feel our timing is really good as to where we see the market heading.”

George also mentions the “very warm welcome from our neighbors.”

“The spot was vacant for about five years before this, and it’s really been a pretty amazing transformation of that space,” George says of the roughly 14,000 square foot space.

Fowling Warehouse.

Fowling Warehouse — 

Coming sometime this fall to the former Westlake Hardware building and close to the Price Chopper in Watts Mill, on the northside of 103rd St is a franchise known as Fowling Warehouse—a sporting-entertainment game that combines football and bowling, somehow.

This franchise, owned and operated by Charley Puhr and Dave Dunn, will be the eighth for Fowling Warehouse. The company already has three locations in Michigan, plus one apiece in Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, and Texas.

“Dave Dunn and I continue to work on acquiring the necessary permits and licensing, and we plan to open this coming fall, just in time for football season. As we progress, we will provide further updates [to The Telegraph],” Puhr said.

The rules to this particular game can be found here.


Exclusive Jerk —

A new jerk-style restaurant appears to be on its way as an “Exclusive Jerk Bar and Grill, LLC” has officially been registered in Missouri by one Jamar Elliot of Park Forest, Ill, as of Feb. 1, 2023.

The property in question is listed at 1120 W 103rd St, Kansas City, MO, 64114. The registration appears to be connected with another identical business of the same name that opened up shop in Chicago Heights, Ill. in 2021.

Note: We will update this story once we can get a hold of Elliot or another rep.

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