Redefine your space this spring with the latest decorating trends

“I reference design as moments. When you walk into your entryway, that’s a ‘moment’.”

By Kady Cramer

Spring is fast approaching and to help illuminate the gloomy “in like a lion” weather, local interior decorator Amy Alberts has shared some tips to help bring the sunshine straight to your front porch as well as indoors. 

Q: Spring is on the way. How can clients bring that feeling to their homes? 

A: For spring, you need to create a new sense of color. I like to bring plants into the home that are very easy to care for. Bromeliad, bamboo, and succulents have an immediate sense of freshness. Get a fun-colored pot and place it in your entryway, main living space, or even as a tabletop centerpiece. 

Q: What are some pointers for refreshing curb appeal or patio space?

A: I would suggest tall plants or décor, or something very eye-catching – like a pop of color – at your front door. If you have a large enough area, it’s fun to do a small table and chairs. Start with a pretty neutral palette on your table or outdoor furniture, then accent with pillows as they’re so easy to change up year to year or with the seasons. 

One plant I recommend to almost every client for patio space is Mandeville. If you need something to help create privacy, there’s so many things you can do with climbing flowers such as these. Mandeville and ivy are so easy to take care of and provide gorgeous color. 

Q: As far as refreshing an existing space, what are some cost-saving tips?

A: Utilize current pieces in the home, giving them a new life or perspective. It can be as simple as changing out a throw or pillows. I love discovering unique finds such as accent tables or chairs to add to an existing space or placing a colorful plant. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money. Clients may have a sentimental piece that they want to keep. I recommend adding something to it for a fun spruce up – paint it…reupholster it. Updating the little things can change a room for a bright, new look, and it’s easy to do on a budget.

Q: What are some organizational tips for spring cleaning?

A: Start from the bottom. Clean the basics of your home first. Then simplify. Get a few clear tubs then label them ‘give away’, ‘throw away’, and ‘keep’. Get rid of the things you don’t need. If it’s been unused for a year, throw it or give it away. You might even find things you forgot you had. Do one room at a time. Invest in or utilize shelving and cabinets. It will simplify your life and daily routine to feel you can stay organized.

Q: What are some upcoming trends for full redesign or remodeling a space?

A: Wallpaper is very different nowadays and coming back in trend. You probably don’t want it all over your house but it’s fun to use on an accent wall or in a small room such as the bathroom. Wallpaper options right now are just unbelievable as far as prints and what you can do with it. 

It’s easy to change small things with a hue or pattern pop. Use a color splash on your kitchen island or add shiplap to your walls. In two years from now if you’re looking for a change, it’s simple to update texture, colors, varying décor elevation, and design shapes.

Another must have is natural light. A simple change from outdated window treatments to plantation shutters, neutral and/or shear curtains can change the state of the lighting situation and the entire look of a room. 

Q: What colors will we see this spring?

A: I think there’s going to be a lot of bright colors. If you have a favorite accent color…red, purple, yellow… make it a ‘moment’. I reference design as moments. When you walk into your entryway, that’s a ‘moment’. Make it yours. 

Q: How would you encourage clients to plan their designs for upcoming spring events?

A: For showers, birthdays, or Easter, I would start with a color choice. Start with your tablescape and build from there. Upcoming trends will be very simplified implementing accent colors and textures (real or artificial). 

Amy Alberts

After many years in corporate retail and merchandising, as well as decorating and organizing, Alberts launched  her own company Amy Alberts Design in January of 2022, re-creating and elevating client’s home, spaces, and events. 

“I genuinely love creating the foundation on which people can build memories,” says Alberts. “One of the best parts of my work is the relationships built in the process. Tastes change and evolve, and I have many clients that have allowed me to continuously support their desire to create change.”

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