Annette Turnbaugh and Dan Hartman

GV Alderman Ward II

Two longtime Grandview public servants challenge each other

By Tyler Schneider

Running to join veteran incumbent and former state representative Joe Runions in representing Ward II are a pair of experienced and well-known members of the Grandview community: former-incumbent and challenger, Annette Turnbaugh, and current incumbent, Dan Hartman. Ward II includes the downtown portion of Grandview.


Annette Turnbaugh

Annette Turnbaugh, 64, had previously served as Grandview’s Ward II Alderman from 2010 through 2020 before relinquishing that seat to serve in the Missouri House of Representatives for District 36/37. A recent loss to Anthony Ealy in her reelection bid has led Turnbaugh back to her hometown, where she leans on her abundance of experience as a public servant in both capacities.

Responsible Spending

With over $40 million worth of infrastructure and city hall improvements in the pipeline and the likelihood of a voter-approved recreational marijuana sales tax in this very election, Turnbaugh wants voters to know she can be a “trusted steward of our tax dollars.”

“My focus on the board of aldermen will be to ensure that funds generated from the recently approved bond issue are invested in our city wisely. We need to prioritize infrastructure improvements supporting our police and fire first responders and making sure we see the dollars working in our neighborhoods for the benefit of the community,” Turnbaugh said.

Public Accountability

Turnbaugh identifies as a public servant through and through.

“I’m cool with doing another 11 years as an alderman. I know these people and these people know me. They trust me. I’ve never lied. It’s just not who I am. I stand for equity and my integrity. If I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I don’t need a contract. You know, these days. contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. My word is my honor,” Turnbaugh said.


Dan Hartman

Dan Hartman, 73, the incumbent since 2019, is a third-generation Grandview resident and GVHS graduate. He made a name for himself as the manager of Jackson County Public Water Supply District #1 for over four decades.

Competitive Wages

In previous campaigns, Hartman has called for efforts to increase the wages of city workers. Recent pay increases for the police and fire departments were a step in the right direction, he said, though he added that in other areas or departments the city may still be lagging behind in terms of the average pay rate for the region.

“I would like to see every department’s rates increase a little bit because of inflation and everything else. I think the city staff is looking at the other departments,” Hartman said.

Improved City Services

Competitive pay rates ultimately contribute to Hartman’s overall goal of providing better city services. He suggests hiring more help in keeping the city litter-free as one small increase that could yield positive results for Grandview’s rising image.

“I think it’s important that we just keep the city clean and offer basic services for all the people, roads, streets, sidewalks and curbs. We’ve got to spend some more money to hire somebody to help us clean all the time,” Hartman said.

While “we are not in that bad of shape” in terms of parks and other city facilities, Hartman wants to stay on top of things by maintaining them before they begin to deteriorate.


Grandview Alderman Ward 1 Candidates

The Telegraph did not receive responses from either Steven Ballentine, 54, nor Dale Wayne Taylor, 65, who are both running for Ward 1. The current Ward 1 Alderman is Damon Randolph, who chose to revoke his decision to run for reelection. Ward 1 includes the northeast quadrant of the city.

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