Photo of a black Chrysler on a highway.

Speeding driver involved in three different collisions along I-49

At 11:23 this morning, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle, with the driver/vehicle fleeing the scene on the southbound ramp to US 71 Highway. The pedestrian was walking on the south side of Bannister Road, crossing the ramp to US 71 Southbound, Interstate 470 East, and Interstate 435 West. A black Chrysler 200, driving at a very high rate of speed, struck the pedestrian, throwing the pedestrian into the windshield. The pedestrian was then ejected off the hood of the Chrysler, onto the pavement. The Chrysler failed to stop at the scene, leaving southbound on the ramp at a high rate of speed.

Grandview Police Department reported the same vehicle/driver was involved in a hit and run crash in their city. The Chrysler struck a vehicle in the southbound #1 lane of travel and kept going, still at a high rate of speed.

Later, Belton Police Department reported the same vehicle was involved in a crash in their city, just south of East 155th Street. The Chrysler attempted to pass another vehicle on the left shoulder, at a high rate of speed. The Chrysler struck the concrete median and “rode” the median with the left side of the Chrysler until it overturned on its side.

The female driver exited the vehicle and attempted to flee the third scene on foot but was apprehended by Belton Police Department. She was not injured in the collisions.

The pedestrian was transported to an area hospital with life threatening injuries.

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