While previous years’ Giving Days were held in September, Molle Toyota’s 5th Annual HeroFund USA Giving Day will coincide with 4th of July. Photos by Kady Cramer

Molle Toyota hosts 5th Annual Giving Day

“The advantage with radio versus television is that it will truly be an all-day long event.”

By Kady Cramer

Molle Toyota, 601 W 103rd St., will once again host the Annual HereFund USA’s First Responders Safety Giving Day on June 29 from 6am-7pm. The event will raise funds that go toward safety equipment and resources for Kansas City metro area first responders.

“We think this timing will be good for the event,” says HeroFund USA CEO Darrell Smith. “Everyone loves their first responder heroes and recognizes the value they bring to our American society in keeping us safe. We though right before the 4th of July would be a good time to do it.”

Department vehicles will be on display in the parking lot at Molle Toyota.

Partnering with Steel City Media, the event will be broadcast live on several stations including KFKF Country 94.1, KC102.1, Q104, and Mix 93.3.

“The advantage with radio versus television is that it will truly be an all-day long event,” says Smith. “Every hour of the day there will be information about the safety mission of HeroFund USA and interviews with various first responders from a number of departments around the metro.”

Interviews will shed light on the safety challenges first responders face on a daily basis.

“…What it means to know that there’s a private funding organization out there like HeroFund USA that’s willing to stand in the gap of what their budget can afford and what their safety equipment needs really are, to make sure their personnel get to go home at night.

Last year’s event brought in approximately $30,000 and the organization’s goal for 2023 is to top that, hoping to reach $50,000. The event will host food trucks on-site as well as vintage first responder vehicles. All funds stay local. For more information or to donate, visit www.herofundusa.org.

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