Leabrooke neighborhood invites community to 4th of July parade

By Kathy Feist

Organizers of the Leabrooke’s Fourth of July Parade are so excited about their event on Tuesday they are welcoming outside guests to come enjoy the fun. 

The fun starts at 11 am Tuesday with the start of the parade at 145th and Norwood. Flag-carrying veterans, vintage cars, ponies, decorated bicycles and wagons, motorcycles, and the Leawood police will follow the flag-decorated route. Expect tossed candy here and there. The parade is expected to last 30 minutes and prizes will be handed out for various parade entry categories. 

Later, free hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream will be available at the Leabrooke clubhouse. 


Children prepare for the Fourth of July parade in 2022. Photo by Cindy Driscoll

Michael Nolte, a professional event planner and the designated “parade guy,” says the event started off as the typical neighborhood seven-minute bicycle parade. But he and others began to visualize a bigger event. “I’m famous for coming up with ideas that drive people crazy,” he jokes. 

Last year was their first official parade. Clearly Nolte’s ideas were well received resulting in this year’s second annual parade, but with an addition.  “Last year I joked I’d do it again if there were ponies,” says Nolte. “Guess what? There are ponies.”

Leabrooke Villas consists of 300 townhomes and villas at 148th and Kenneth Road. 

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