Owners Briana and Gregory Schrodt pose at a ribbon cutting ceremony for Random’s Coffee on Belton’s historic Main Street. Random’s Coffee roasts fresh coffee beans onsite. 

New Coffee, Old Shop: Belton’s Historic Main Street gets a coffee barista

“When we found out about the history here, we just kept diving deeper and deeper.”

By Glen Vaughn-Petersen

A Belton couple has opened a new coffee shop, Random’s Coffee, at 414 Main St. The  brainchild of Briana and Gregory Schrodt, the coffee shop opened June 30th. A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony followed on July 28th. 

Gregory has been roasting coffee for 12 years while Briana has always wanted to own a business that could make an impact in the community. In Random’s, both got their wish. 

“I got back from my walk with the kids one day and said, ‘babe, I think we’ve got a coffee shop,” Gregory says. 

With this shop, Briana and Gregory look to foster a welcoming atmosphere and support their local community—creating a space that can help inspire others to follow their dreams “one sip at a time,” as their website says. 

Briana and Gregory Schrodt

Random’s Coffee offers a large selection of coffee, tea, syrups and original cold and hot drink concoctions along with a smaller menu of pastries and quiche. 

Gregory’s knowledge of coffee is apparent. He creates cortados, doppios, undertows, and macchiatos in addition to the usual cappuccinos and lattes. With 14 different syrups on hand, he is like a cocktail mixologist creating drinks like the Cupcake Tea, the Raspberry White Mocha Coffee,  the Coconut Vanilla Frappe and anything else left to the imagination.

The Schrodts hope to continue to expand their food menu as well as host events like game nights for customers.

Gregory’s goal, he says, is to “find single origin high quality beans where the flavor profile develops as you’re drinking it. Some new flavors will either become more pronounced, or other flavors will dissolve and make way for different ones.”  

Gregory roasts his own coffee on site.

Gregory is currently roasting anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds of beans per week in his six-kilo in-shop roaster, but will up the frequency as demand grows. It’s been a long journey from the “popcorn-popper” he’d started out with. 

Though this coffee shop is brand new, the building space it inhabits has deep historical roots in Belton. 

“When we found out about the history here, we just kept diving deeper and deeper,” Briana says of the location. The building was once a grocery and dry goods store called A.C. Hawthorne Groceries, owned by a family of Scottish immigrants originally based in Virginia.  The Hawthorne store operated from 1894 to 1903 and changed hands several times as a grocery store up to 1960 when it became a TV store and later a performing arts center. The building is still owned by Chris and Michelle Richardson of the Main Street Performing Arts Center. 

The Schrodts revealed the grocery story artwork during renovation.

As the Schrodts began renovations of the space , an old sign painted on the brick wall was revealed, advertising A.C. Hawthorne Groceries. The sign has been
preserved, as has the original flooring.

Despite its new trappings, Random’s pays tribute to the space’s long, rich history in Belton. “What I’m hoping everyone gets from the history of the building is that we’re not just some dusty old town!” Briana remarks. “We have some cool stuff here in Belton.”

Visit www.randomscoffee.com for more details. 

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