The Martin City Telegraph's roving reporter, Rosie, checks out dog CBD offerings at American Shaman on State Line. // Photo by Tyler Schneider

Cannabinoids for Canines

How CBD treatments can ease your anxious, injured, or elderly pet.

By Tyler Schneider

Of the many indulgences humankind has adopted throughout our history as a species, the domestication of dogs and the agricultural cultivation of the cannabis plant—at least 14,000 and 12,000 years ago, respectively—are two of our most enduring habits.

Long appreciated for its many uses derived from all parts of the plant including seeds, fiber, oils, and a bevy of medicinal applications, the plant has begun to shed the stigma of the previous century and rebranded itself as much more than just an outlet for getting high.

While THC, the major psychoactive component found in marijuana,—can be toxic for dogs, CBD, or cannabidiol, has so far been observed to be a viable method to ease the anxieties, pain, and inflammation in our four-legged friends.  

Fortune Sanders, owner of the American Shaman franchise at 13125 State Line Rd, is approaching his eighth year in the industry and is happy to help customers select the right product for their anxious, elderly, or firework fearing furry companions in need of a little pick-me-up.

American Shaman franchise owner Fortune Sanders offers a CBD pet treat sample to the Martin City Telegraph’s roving reporter, Rosie. // Photo by Tyler Schneider

“We sell a variety of CBD pet treats here, from chicken chews, to biscuits in several flavors, and a canine tincture that a person can add directly to the [dog’s] food or just drop directly in their mouth. We recommend it twice a day. It certainly can be calming, relaxing, and helpful with joint pain,” Sanders said.  

For joint or hip pain, a particularly common ailment for older, larger dogs, a moderate use of CBD products can indeed be a godsend.


Predictably, the effects CBD can have on the human body and mind has been the subject of a great deal more formal scientific studies than that of dogs or other domestic pets. In general, however, the method of treatment can provide such benefits as “terrific improvement of mood, decreased stress, better sleep, boosted mental clarity,” says Sanders.

Because of the lack of sufficient scientific literature surrounding dogs and CBD, many veterinarians and nurses, including the staff at Red Bridge Animal Clinic, don’t find themselves personally recommending CBD on a regular basis at this time. Instead, pain alleviation is filtered through traditional veterinary drugs such as Gabapentin, Carprovet, or Rimadyl. 

The studies that have taken place include one conducted by that concludes that the “CBD (THC-free) distillate used in this study is well-tolerated by dogs.”  An article by the American Kennel Club adds that “the worst CBD has been documented to cause diarrhea and changes in some liver enzyme values after several weeks. The main concern is its possible interaction with prescribed drugs.”

Pet CBD product offerings from American Shaman. // Photo by Tyler Schneider

Therefore, while it’s probably unlikely CBD use will make things worse on your hurting or startled pet, it’s probably best to at least mention your interest to your veterinarian and get their professional opinion on the matter and how it might impact your dogs (or cat) on a case-to-case basis. 

For his part, Sanders himself gives his own dogs CBD as needed, and has seen the positive impact it can have on almost all life on Earth.

“All humans and animals—other than insects—have an endocannabinoid system. It’s believed to play a role in regulating every part in the body,” Sanders said. 

For those who are less sure about trying CBD with their pets, but otherwise unable to properly accommodate a pet that is terrified of storms or the perpetual summer fireworks in Missouri, alternative products like the ThunderShirt for Dogs have had success when used by itself or even in combination with mild CBD products.

Click here for American Shaman’s pet product guide.

Click here for general information and tips for anxious pets from the veterinary team at Cornell University.

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  1. I have been giving my dogs CBD for several years now and have had good results. I have one dog who has bad hips, she was in a lot of pain, and nothing was really helping – my vet recommended Peak Therapeutics to me, I switched my dog over and it is miraculous how much more comfortable she is – check out the products, look for full specturm and look at the cost per mg of CBD are my recommendations.

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