Lutheran High School Executive Director Adam Kirsch

Lutheran High School hires new executive director

“Lutheran High School’s academic product is very strong.”

by Kathy Feist

Lutheran High School will have a new executive director. Adam Kirsch will take the reins from retiring Executive Director Cary Stelmachowicz when he leads students into the 2023-24 school year. Stelmachowicz will continue his duties part time to assist Kirsch in the first few months. 

Kirsch has spent the last 12 years as principal at the Milwaukee Lutheran High School. He graduated with an Education degree from Concordia University in Nebraska in 2003, became a science educator and athletic director, and completed his Masters degree in Education Administration from Concordia University in Wisconsin in 2010. He, his wife Lauren and three children moved to the area on July 5th. 

Kirsch says he was attracted to the position in Kansas City because of the school’s small size and community feel. “I could see my own kids going to school here,” he said. His children are in 6th, 3rd, and 1st grades. 

While Kirsch says small schools enable flexibility and the ability to move along to post-secondary options,  he has goals to grow the school population. “Our academic product is very strong,” he says. “We are looking for opportunities to have more families join us.” 

In the upcoming school year, he expects to look at building expansion and upgrades for the school located off 124th and Wornall Road. 



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