Charcuterie board prepared by Salumi Rose

Salumi Rose Arranges Stylish Charcuterie and Events in Waldo

“Workshops are popular for a date night, girls’ night out, wedding showers, and bachelorette parties for up to fifteen people.”

By Pete Dulin

The foodscape of cured meats, cheese, almonds, fruits, vegetables, and crackers assembled by Salumi Rose tempts the palate and engages the senses. Owned by long-time friends Kris Beckman and Alice Arredondo, the charcuterie retail shop recently opened in Waldo at 7443 Broadway after hosting a series of pop-up events. 

The co-owners held workshops since 2022 at Made in Kansas City, HJ’s Youth Community Center, and other locations before establishing a brick-and-mortar store. 

Kris Beckman, co-owner of Salumi Rose in Waldo, provides workshops as well as prepares beautifully designed charcuterie boards. Photo by Pete Dulin

The cozy shop houses several tables where guests may attend a charcuterie workshop that includes instruction on assembly, a bamboo hardwood board, and box of charcuterie. 

“Workshops are popular for a date night, girls’ night out, wedding showers, and bachelorette parties for up to fifteen people,” said Beckman. “We created the shop as a place to gather, shop, and create. Once people learn the technique, they can buy ingredients and make a charcuterie board at home.”

Participants learn tips and tricks of how to artfully assemble and display edible components in the first half of the workshop. Next, guests use wood-burning techniques to personalize their take-home board. Walnut, maple or cherry are available for an additional cost. 

Guests use wood-burning techniques to personalize their take-home board at the workshops. Photo by Pete Dulin

“We source the hardwood locally from a mill in Kansas City, Kansas,” said Beckman. “With advance notice, we can also do custom laser engraving.”

The customized option is popular for weddings and other special lifetime events.

Salumi Rose anticipates securing a liquor license soon that will enable them to sell and serve wine as part of in-house charcuterie offerings and workshops.

Salumi Rose also prepares a range of charcuterie made to order (with 48-hour notice) from individual tasting cups called Char-tini to small, medium, and large boards. The Char-Cutie is a scrumptious meal for one or snack to share, perfect for an office lunch on the go, picnic, or evening wind-down. Game day charcuterie boards are a convenient way to feed a small group. Need a custom grazing table or station for an event? They can also create a delicious foodscape with various design options.

Salumi Rose also prepares a range of charcuterie made to order, including this char-tini, an individual tasting cup. Photo by Pete Dulin

Open Wednesday through Saturday, the shop carries some grab-and-go charcuterie packages in a refrigerated case as well as gift items on its shelves. Orders may also be placed online. Salumi Rose’s products are also available via Afloat, a gift-giving app serving the Kansas City and Dallas markets. 

Beckman and Arredondo were inspired to start their charcuterie-based business after vacationing in 2022 at a resort, where they took a class. The idea of combining charcuterie preparation and wood-burning appealed to their entrepreneurial instincts. Arredondo handles the technical side of the business behind the scenes while Beckman manages daily operations. 

“We use high-quality ingredients, such as cheese sourced from Midwest dairies, provide interactive experiences, and offer personalized service. We’re creative and specialized. That sets us apart,” said Beckman. 

A charcuterie rose. Photo by Pete Dulin


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