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KC Campus for Animal Care to have Grand Opening

The ribbon cutting and formal grand opening of the city’s new Campus for Animal Care at 7077 Elmwood on the northeast corner of Elmwood & Gregory Blvd. will be at 10 a.m. Friday, January 24.

Medical marijuana grow farms approved for south KC

The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services is expected to announce dispensary licenses this week.

Who was the real Sarah Rector, “The Richest Black Girl in America?”

For a hundred years, these photos have depicted Sarah Rector, the Richest Black Girl in America. But her relatives say those images are fake.

Florist discusses the future of Fiddly Fig and Teefey Flowers

Will Teefey Flowers on Holmes Rd be renamed Fiddly Fig when the two businesses merge this spring? Owner Sheryl White discusses the recent surprise annoncement.

Jackson County Administrator discusses his two-year goals for beleaguered County

Jackson County has had its share of problems in the past decade. Can former City Manager Troy Schulte come to its rescue? Schulte discusses his two-year plan.

New Apostolic Church opens in south KC

The New Apostolic Church converts former tanning salon into a place of worship.