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Protests help set new reform measures for the KC Police Department

“The first thing that I will note is that we are all delighted with the fact that deescalation has seen positive results lately in connection with our protests.”

Construction of new railroad overpass in Grandview leads to brownfield clean up

“In the end we’ll have a new bridge, Blue Ridge Boulevard will be fixed up and we’ll have this vacant property that will be cleaned up. It’s an example of the kind of positive project we like to see.”

Belton church holds blood drive on Friday

Lord of Love Lutheran Church, 8306 E. 171st St, in Belton, is hosting a blood drive on Friday, June 5th from noon to 5:30 pm in the church gym.

Election brings some upsets in south KC

By Tyler Schneider and Kathy Feist Residents in south Kansas City went to the polls

State legislator Runions eyes finish line following coronovirus recovery

Despite being isolated from family, Runions — now in his eighth and final year of service due to term limits —  had one key item at his disposal: a cell phone charger that his family had dropped off for him.

Fire Department looks to increase 1/4 cent sales tax to 1/2 cent

After the most pressing immediate needs for new vehicles are met, the additional funding will allow the department to implement a phased replacement program for its entire fleet including 32 pumper trucks, 12 aerial ladder trucks and 4 rescue/hazardous material response vehicles.

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