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Fire Department looks to increase 1/4 cent sales tax to 1/2 cent

After the most pressing immediate needs for new vehicles are met, the additional funding will allow the department to implement a phased replacement program for its entire fleet including 32 pumper trucks, 12 aerial ladder trucks and 4 rescue/hazardous material response vehicles.

Grandview’s infrastructure and economy will benefit from half-cent sales tax

Projects that are slated to receive funding if the tax is extended include conversion of the I-49 outer roads to two-way traffic, a new Kansas City Southern railroad overpass over Blue Ridge Blvd., Blue Ridge Blvd. upgrades and construction of a new bridge on Raytown Rd. just south of its intersection with Harry Truman Dr.

Get to know your Grandview aldermen candidates

Seven candidates run for Grandview aldermen seats in June 2 election By Tyler Schneider WARD

Get to know your Center School District School Board candidates

School Board candidates for the Center School District election June 2 By Kathy Feist The

Get to know your Hickman Mills School Board candidates

Candidates for the Hickman Mills School Board June 2 Election By Tyler Schneider This year,

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