The Lipscombs, a log cabin and a legacy lost

Almost 160 years ago, one man with deep Southern roots stood on guard at his farm just south of Watts Mill. He was an enemy of the Union and had tested the boundaries too many times.

Local CBD franchise provides expertise for customers

“We all have endocannabinoids in our body systems,” says Wilkinson. “All we’re doing is supplementing what our bodies are already making.”

Telegraph now offers digital newspaper option

The Telegraph can be sent in its entirely to your computer the day it is published. For Telegraph lovers, the paper is offering a special Valentine’s Day price!

A Valentine’s Day Artist Reception

“My inspiration and passion are nature, more specifically my garden.”

Kat’s (Keto) Kakery becomes a sensation among low-carb dieters

Her business increased 400% since offering keto desserts at her small bakery in Grandview.

Mayor Lucas delivers State of City address from Center High School

Two jazz bands, veterans of war and the Boone Elementary School Scout Troop help kick off the Mayor’s address tonight at 6 pm at Center High School Auditorium, 8715 Holmes Rd.

Cargile leaves Hickman Mills to head Center School District

Having just announced her resignation, Dr. Yolanda Cargile accepts the leadership role at Center Schools.

New Kumon Center helps children excel academically

“I am happy to introduce our program to the area,” says owner Jinmi Jung.  “I really want to help the kids.”

Bier Station is a gathering space for community and beer enthusiasts alike

Bier Station is hosting a public meeting of Kansas City’s 6th District on Tuesday, Feb. 11 from 6-8 p.m. Constituents are invited to chat with Councilmembers Andrea Bough and Kevin McManus and city staff.

Ruskin High wins South KC Big Impact Award

Over 10 businesses and organizations received awards; but Ruskin received the big one its services to the surrounding community.