Council approves construction of Woodbridge Manor

On November 3, the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri, voted unanimously in favor of a contested rezoning and development plan for Woodbridge Manor, a 152-lot single-family residential development which will rest on 54 acres of land located west of Jackson Avenue, about one-quarter mile north of E. Red Bridge Road. Approval of the plan came just one week after a public hearing took place at the Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee on Oct. 26, wherein neighborhood residents protested and urged City Council members to reconsider the proposal.

Rooms Finally Gets New Overseas Shipment

Rooms that Bloom, 13442 Cherry St., has received a new shipment of antique furniture selected by owner Krista Sloan from her annual visit to England in July. The items, which are found in the cottage behind Rooms that Bloom, include 19th Century teak trunks from India, a 19th Century French fruitwood farm table, an Irish pine dresser, as well as a variety of smaller items. Sloan opened the cottage to customers on Saturday, September 17.