A Firsthand Look Inside Fishtech’s New Headquarters

A sleep pod wasn’t the only high tech innovation awaiting employees at FishTech’s cyber security headquarters. We get the grand tour.

Fishtech gary grilling
Gary Fish, CEO of Fishtech, was grill master on move-in day March 30 at the new building on 13333 Holmes Rd. Photo by FishTech Labs Facebook.


Fishtech Moves into High Tech Building

We get a first look.

Photos and story by Kathy Feist

It’s official. On March 30, Fishtech employees moved across the street into the newly built headquarters at 13333 Holmes Rd.

“The team is thrilled to be in their new space,” says owner Gary Fish.

“While working in a facility for a year that was 10 times smaller allowed the team to really get to know each other,” he says of the temporary office space at 13324 Holmes Rd., “they are very happy to now have plenty of space to spread out but still have lots of options to collaborate.”


fishtech exteior
The exterior of Fishtech has heated sidewalks which will eliminate snow shoveling in the winter.


The 20,000-square foot, two-story structure replaces the abandoned Commerce Bank building. Construction began in June of last year. Designed by B.R.R. Architects, the building’s contemporary design reflects the company’s high technology.


IMG_8840 (2)
Don Cole with building contractor A.L. Huber demonstrates the hanging glass walls on the south side of the building. These will be utilized for indoor/outdoor entertaining. The first floor is still under final construction.

“It is the most extravagant, high tech building I’ve ever worked on in my 20 years,” says Don Cole, superintendent of the project employed by building contractor A.L. Huber.


The Martin City Telegraph was given a first look inside Fishtech, hosted by tour guide Justin Copeland, also vice president of marketing.


IMG_8852 (2)
Visitors are immediately greeted by a full chef’s kitchen which opens up to an outdoor grill and patio.


The first floor plan is wide open and entertainment-based. Touch screen TVs, a full chef’s kitchen, dining room, and hanging glass walls that open (like a garage door) to a large outdoor patio that has a grill and picnic tables set the tone for serious clientele entertaining.

A fully equipped stage complete with lighting and sound system will host live bands as well as a monthly rotation of speakers and local industry talks. “We want to invite Kansas City tech people in,” says Copeland. “We have big plans for that.”


Fishtech conference room
A non-traditional board room incorporates a gas fireplace with chairs and coffee tables.


The conference room is not your typical boardroom. Fishtech has contemporary chairs seated around coffee tables and a cozy fireplace the length of the wall. Copeland says, “We wanted to get out of the board room set-up and have an honest talk with our clients.”


IMG_8866 (2)
A more “traditional” board room is on the second floor.


“Active” glass changes from clear to white frosted glass with the push of a button, providing privacy for an otherwise see-through glass-walled rooms.

Finally, the lab demonstrates cutting edge technology to clientele. “It will have the latest gear in the industry,” says Copeland. “And if that gear hasn’t hit the market yet, clients can come test it here.” The lab works in conjunction with a giant Christie digital microtile screen above the stage. Here clients can watch a simulation of their computer environment being controlled from inside the lab.

IMG_8868 (2)
Employees have no desks and can choose to work where ever they feel like, whether in a booth…
IMG_8857 (2)
…..outdoors on the heated balcony…..
IMG_8865 (2)
…or standing or sitting at countertops. Here ergonomic chairs are adjusted with the push of a button.


The second floor is set up for the employees. In this wireless and paperless environment, there is no need for assigned seating. In fact, employees can sit anywhere and in any kind of environment; standing at a tall countertop, sitting in cushioned booths, working on a heated balcony, or just being inside a standard office.


Fishtech touch screen
Enclosed offices feature touch screens in the glass wall.


Plenty of whiteboards and markers are used throughout, including a conference room table made of whiteboard.


Fishtech sleep pod
A sleep pod is on hand for tired employees.


A breakroom carries an inordinate amount of coffee for employees. And if the caffeine is not doing its job, a sleep pod awaits in a darkened room.

IMG_8882 (2)
The employee lounge offers a large variety of caffeinated beverages.


It must be mentioned that Fishtech is empathetic to the new mother. A private lactation room (not a bathroom) is at her disposal.


fishtech pepper
Eventually Pepper the robot will give the guided tour. Photo by FishTech Labs Facebook.

While the employees have moved into the new building, there is still a lot of work to be done. Eventually employees will be able to control everything with an app on their cell phone. Eventually one of Gary’s vintage cars will be showcased on the first floor. Eventually Pepper the Robot will give tours. Eventually the old building across the street will look similar to the new building.


Fishtech old new building
The old building, soon to be called the annex, will receive a facelift matching that of the new building.


Regardless, Fishtech is an impressive facility.

“All of the teams that worked on our building did a fabulous job,” says Fish. “We believe we now have the nicest office space in Kansas City. We plan to continue to expand and make Martin City a pillar of our company and culture.”



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  1. Gary;
    The new building looks great. I can’t help but remember the first time I met you in the 1 room office space. You’ve done an incredible job with growing a company.

    Congrats, Alan Swope

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