Ishak is Back

Ishak Alaiwat has reopened his tailor shop at 1164 W. 103rd St, near Price Chopper. Photo by Brad Lucht.

By Brad Lucht

Like many of the businesses that were flooded out of 103 Square, Ishak Fine Tailoring has reopened.  

“Back by popular demand!,” said Geno Basov, owner of Geno’s Shoe Service.  Basov is a long-time friend, and is sharing the front of his shop.

“He is a friend of mine, a very close friend,” Ishak explained.  “When he heard the news, when he saw my store destroyed, and everything gone, he offered me to be here.”

Both men have referred customers to each other over the years.  

“Shoe repair?  Go to Geno.  Custom made alteration?  Go to Ishak..  That’s what the business is,” said Ishak.

A new start

Ishak had to purchase all new equipment after the flood, including new sewing machines and custom-built tables.

“Everything for me, for a new start,” Ishak declared.

“And I hope all my customers now that they know where I am,  come back.  I would love to have all the customers come back to me.”

Alterations, custom suits

While 95% of his business is alterations, Ishak still designs and makes custom suits for men and women.  Customers can select from nearly 500 swatches, with fabric coming from Italy, England and the United States.

“I do all sizes, big and tall too.  Man and woman,” said Ishak.  He once made a size 75 suit for a customer.

35 years and counting

Ishak was in business for 20 years at his previous location, and 15 years before that at 72nd and Wornall.  He hopes that this is last move.

“But I’m not ready to retire,” he laughed.

Ishak Expert Tailoring & Fine Clothing is located on the west side Watt’s Mill Plaza at 1164 W 103rd St., between Uniforms and More and the Liz Kelley Dance Studio.  He is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and can be reached at 816-225-9133.

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