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The New Year is approaching and statistics show that close to 47 percent of us will resolve to get fit this year. Success always comes with support, and this area has a lot of support to offer to lose weight.

weightlossBy Kathy Feist

The New Year is approaching and statistics show that close to 47 percent of us will resolve to get fit this year. Success always comes with support, and this area has a lot of support to offer to lose weight. Below is a comprehensive list of area weight loss programs:

Curves – When paired with Curves’ strength training and cardio fitness program, the Curves Complete Meal Plan can help with weight loss. The 90-day program incorporates online plans with personal coaching at the center. The weight loss program consists of a low carbohydrate diet broken in to three phases. Curves’ gentle strength training circuit lasts 30 minutes with 30-second intervals on each machine and floor exercise. The combination of strength training, spurts of cardiovascular exercise, and a low-carb, low calorie diet makes for a complete fitness program. Membership cost is $40. The Complete Meal Program is an extra $5 a week. Curves is located at the Red Bridge Shopping Center. 816-942-5600

Slim 4 Life – Founded in Kansas City, this popular weight loss program has now expanded into Florida and Texas. An initial consultation will determine an individualized weight loss plan. After a quick high-protein diet to jump start the metabolism, a lower calorie plan follows, incorporating real food with pre-packaged snacks and supplements. Weigh-ins and meal plan consultations at the center are encouraged at least three times a week. The cost can be pricey depending on which plan and how many products are purchased. Slim 4 Life is located at 1024 W. 136 St (across from Target). 816-730-7546

Weight Watchers – A newly formed Weight Watchers has begun meeting every Monday evening at St. Thomas More Church. The points-counting program has won numerous awards for its weight loss plan. Last year, Weight Watchers launched a new program called Beyond the Scale, which tracks activity and nutrition intake—the higher the nutrition level, the lower the point. Weekly weigh ins, meetings and online and phone support with a trained leader guide members to success. A new promotion called Lose 10 on Us reimburses members who have lost 10 pounds in the first two months. Costs can vary from $4 per week to $12 per week, depending on support choice (online and/or on site). Weigh ins at St. Thomas Moore, 118th & Holmes Rd., begin at 5:30 pm followed by a 30-minute meeting on Monday nights. 913-707-8121

Blue Bicycle Health and Fitness – Formerly Benefit, the fitness center will be offering two structured weight loss programs: the Winter 2017 Transformation Challenge and the Precision Nutrition’s Personal Nutrition Coaching. The Transformation Challenge will run for 90 days starting January 8 and include scheduled weekly appointments for weigh-ins and coaching at the gym, and a weekly 30-minute group workout. Participants in the Precision Nutrition Coaching program will receive a daily short lesson via email including a 5-minute challenge. There will also be in-person meetings with a coach and weekly 30-minute group workouts. Over 45,000 people have lost a million pounds on this year-long program. The program will be introduced January 2 at a 7 pm meeting at Blue Bicycle located in the Red Bridge Shopping Center. All attendees receive a free cookbook. Monthly membership costs are $15 per month. 816-943-8648

Red Bridge YMCA Y Weight Loss features a 30-minute consultation with a Healthy Living team member who helps set realistic goals and plans. The 8-week program includes weekly group meetings which focus on nutrition, fitness and positive thinking. The Red Bridge YMCA group meets every Wednesday at 7:30 pm at 11300 Holmes Rd. Membership cost to the Y is $52 per month. 816-942-2020

Elite Physical Therapy and Integrative Health – Migraines. Stomach pain. Bloating. Memory issues. Nutritionist Robyn Johnson, MS, RDN, LD, provides a detailed analysis, meal plan and supplements to deal with inflammation issues in addition to weight gain. “Food is a powerful medicine when you know how to use it,” she says. Starting January 9, a 4-week Jump Start Program is being offered for only $79 and includes a consultation with Johnson, a meal plan incorporating real food, live events, daily emailed support, and guidance on creating your own meal plans. Elite Physical Therapy, 13157 State Line Rd. 816-941-2550

TruBalance Nutrition and Fitness – TruBalance advertises its smoothies at the conjunction of Ward Parkway and Wornall Rd. But it is also offers personalized nutrition and fitness plans. Registered dietician Rachelle Hochgraber provides a detailed health analysis of possible gut issues, which can be the source of irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, brain fog, skin eruptions, and weight imbalance. Hochgraber enlists “food freedom” to lose weight. Weight loss becomes a happy side effect to healing the gut. Stop by, sip on an organic smoothie and check it out. Costs can be as high as $600. 816-914-5371

TOPS Club – Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a weekly support group for those who choose their own weight loss system but need the accountability. Rewards and health information are given out at the meetings. The nearest chapter meets Tuesday mornings, 9:30 – 11 at Summitview Church, 801 W 97 St. 816-896-6650

CVS Minute Clinic Weight Loss – Minute Clinics practitioners provide weight loss counseling based on the award-winning DASH diet. The DASH diet is a low fat, high fiber diet that especially helps those with hypertension. The program includes an assessment, ongoing coaching and online membership to DASH For Health. The cost is $69. A participating CVS is located at 130th & State Line.

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