KCMO Budget Officer Krista Morrison explains the proposed budget under consideration by the City Council for fiscal year 23-24. Photo by Kathy Feist

City budget takes center stage at SKCA meeting

Morrison focused on new expenditures proposed for the 23/24 budget.

By Kathy Feist

On Monday, March 13, KCMO Budget Officer Krista Morrison spoke at the South Kansas City Alliance meeting regarding the major changes and initiatives in the proposed city budget being considered by the City Council for fiscal year 23-24 that starts May 1. The budget is scheduled for adoption by the Council on March 23 with or without amendments. The public is invited to attend in public or by Zoom. 

The $2.04 billion budget is split between Governmental Activities Expenditures ($1.31 million) and Water and Aviation Funds ($750,259,896). 

Morrison focused on new expenditures proposed for the five subdivisions within Governmental Activities.

Public Safety

  • $6 million for detention and rehabilitation center design
  • Adds $80,000 to expand outdoor tornado warning system
  • Adds $300,000 for a flood warning system
  • Expands the Park Ranger program to 14 rangers

Infrastructure and Accessibility

  • Adds $1 million matching funds for capital grants
  • Invests $500,000 for wayfinding signs citywide
  • Invests $1 million in Vision Zero (dangerous intersections)
  • Second year of $11.3 million LED light conversion
  • Snow removal and additional equipment

Housing and Healthy Communities

  • Adds $1 million for tree planting
  • Creates a dedicated short-term rental inspection team
  • Funds $650,000 for youth employment programs, an increase of $500,000
  • Adds $400,000 to expand the right to legal counsel program for those facing eviction
  • Creates a volunteer coordinator in Neighborhoods
  • Funds the first full year of bulky item program expansion
  • Adds $285,000 for mental health programming
  • Funds enhanced street/litter cleaning
  • Adds $1 million for trash carts and $1.4 million to support recycling carts program
  • Funds $5 million, the remaining balance of American Rescue Plan to ReBuildKC Neighborhoods Program

Finance and Governance

  • 12.6% average salary increases for labor class employees, new $17.36 minimum wage
  • Expands the Equity Office
  • Adds $2.5 million in technology systems
  • Centralization of IT, procurement, communications and HR to improve oversight, accountability and efficiency

Capital Improvements Plan 

  • Street Preservation (GO Bonds)
  • Sidewalks $5 million and ADA $2.5 (GO Bonds)
  • Dedicated Projects in south KC
    • Wornall, Gregory to 75th
    • 63rd Street Reconstruction Troost to Woodland
    • Gregory Blvd Bridge over Blue River
    • Marlborough, Paseo Blvd 79th to 82nd
  • $2.4 million in sidewalks around schools
    • John T. Hartman Elementary
    • Burke Elementary
    • Specialty Freda Markley Early Childhood

A 700-page report provides more in depth information. 


1 thought on “City budget takes center stage at SKCA meeting

  1. This microchipped recycle bin idea is so absurd, and the cost is being hidden. This budget summary says $1.4 million for recycle bins when the Dir. of Public Works said the proposal was to buy 162,000 bins at $48.50 each which comes out to nearly $8 million. Then they are trying to convince us that because Federal stimulus money is being used, that reduces the cost when those Federal dollars aren’t earmarked for recycling, and could be used for other more urgent needs.
    This program reeks so much that one can only wonder who is profiting from it.
    Just one Councilman voted against this measure, and Freedom Inc. has instead backed an inexperienced opponent who is connected to their political faction through her father-in-law’s legacy..
    We don’t need this political cronyism that pushes pet projects (like putting the dog pound in our most iconic park) while failing to failing at reduce the murder rate, and just clean up the disgraceful litter off our streets.

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