The Martin City Telegraph is a bi-weekly newspaper that covers the south Kansas City area from Bannister south to 150 Hwy and east from State Line Rd. to the Blue River (just east of Holmes Rd.). Approximately 5000 copies are distributed throughout the community every other Tuesday to various businesses, churches, hospitals, hotels, schools and businesses.

The newspaper is supported by advertising, including classified ads. A display ad can cost as little as $35 for a business card to $500 for a full page. Classified ads are $10 for 40 words or less.  For more information, call 816-309-9248. Or e-mail martincitytelegraph@gmail.com.

The newspaper is published by Feist Ink.





  • J.M. Reed
    2016-02-09 20:33

    Published by Feist Inc. or Feist Ink?

  • Gloria Hawkins
    2016-07-26 00:23

    How do I purchase a copy?

    • feistink
      2016-07-28 14:35

      You can find copies of the paper around the area at various businesses, including the Trailside Center, Sun Fresh, The Red Bridge Library, Jack Stack, Jess & Jim’s, RC’s, etc. If there is a business in the area, it probably has our papers somewhere. You can also subscribe for $20 a year.

      • Lynn Conine
        2017-08-11 00:35

        How do I subscribe, and where? Can I mail in a subscription?

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